Lilo Antics

We already had a couple of chew toys from when Anna was a puppy, but she rarely ever used them so they stayed packed away for the most part. This was not the case with Lilo as she loved the Kong and this rope toy we had. However, we discovered with her VERY sharp puppy teeth she annihilated the rope and had swallowed some of the string. We realized this of course when she went to potty!

So a trip to PetCo it was and we let both Lilo and Anna sniff out and choose toys they seemed interested in. Of course nothing beats playing with her own tail at this stage! 😂

It was also time to invest in a Gentle Leader for Lilo as she’s put on weight and growing she pulls a bit too much on our walks which ends up hurting my back. 😬 Luckily PetCo had two left in her size!

After getting home with the toys and giving the girls a chance to play with them we decided to go for a walk and see how Lilo would handle the Gentle Leader. Hilarity ensued! Throughout our walk she would throw herself down as if in protest that she couldn’t carry on with this “thing” on her face. Tough pickles little one, I would think to myself as I pulled or picked her up each time to continue our walk. *Sigh* oh puppy training and to be beyond this stage, but we do love her so very much!

Anna was relieved. Clearly. 😂 She enjoyed being in her bed and up on the couch away from Lilo. They are best buds, but you can tell Anna has had enough of Lilo chewing all over her at times so enjoyed being left alone. 💜🐶

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