Front Porch Paradise

The front porch at our house is all screened in. We screened it in the first year we lived here because we love spending time outside, but don’t really care for bugs. Suffice it to say both the humans and pets of our house hold LOVE the porch! The cats usually hang out on the storage bench we have the dogs usually chill at our feet or lay over the side.

There’s the occasional barking at people, squirrels or dog walkers passing by, but for the most part it is the most peaceful place at our house. The shade provided by the tree’s and the breeze that blows through is truly heaven. We always joke and wish we could pick up our house and move it to the lake or the ocean as a water element is all we’re missing to have true stay-cations on the regular!

On Monday this week I stayed home to take a personal day and so the pups and I were out in the screened in porch for most of the morning until it got too hot. Lilo really enjoyed herself, chewing on her toys and getting the occasional drink of water. There were birds chirping and eating from the feeder. There were squirrels hanging out in the yard and in the tree eating from their feeder also. I just sat and looked around, taking it all in and felt completely at peace. Wish more days could be like that!

Until next time!

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