Doggy Walks

We use a Gentle Leader on Anna which is to the benefit of all involved including passers by! Leashing her to her collar does not work even at 8 years old when she should be slowing down. And forget a harness! She’ll drag you all over the city. 😫

The Gentle Leader allows us to control her head and she doesn’t want to pull because she hates the ring around her nose. The ring is padded and is soft so doesn’t hurt her. The funniest part is her reaction AFTER having it removed. 😂 She’ll run both sides of her face across the carpet with her butt in the air!

Lilo on the other hand has done GREAT with her harness and although she pulls some in the beginning, quickly settles into the walk and our pace. We walk them a little over a mile almost every day and they have ample playtime outside after we’re home from work…weather permitting. They also play and wrestle indoors quite often which has us calling  timeouts more often as Lilo grows. We’ve recently noticed when she runs in the yard she really tucks her butt under to get more speed trying to keep up which looks hilarious!

My favorite part of our doggy walks? Lilo’s ears!! She goes back and forth from holding them in what I call Yoda position (right) and helmet position (left). Cracks me up!

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