Home Vet Care: Top 3 payoffs

I wanted to share about our experience in using a mobile vet for the first time this past month. Change can be difficult sometimes and when it comes to my pets, I always try to err on the side of caution. I want safe toys for them, make sure to give the dogs their meds, and make sure we make our yearly vet visits. However, when it comes to vet visits I have always loaded the pets up and driven to my vets office.

In Broken Arrow we used Good Shepherd and Dr. Vickers was our all time fave! He was always caring, gave me the details I wanted and I could tell his heart was genuine in caring for our animals. When we moved to AZ we took our pets to a clinic there that happened to be 45 minutes from our home. I can’t recall the name and since we only lived there a year our pets only saw that vet one time. I do recall our experience being a positive one and how the vet and her staff interacted with our pets was very heartwarming. Once we moved back to OK and into our new house we started seeing Dr. Thomas at City Vet. Same story here: they were all great with our pets and available to answer questions even after hours a couple of times.

What do all of the above have in common, other than a positive experience for us and our pets? We had to load everyone up and drive them. For the dogs this was not a big deal, but the cats it ALWAYS was. Armani would get car sick and puke. He would also cry and meow the ENTIRE way there no matter how much sweet talking I did. Coco would stress out once we got to the office, once bit my mom and often times scared every single tech with the exception of only TWO! Toothless also cried in the car the entire time.

Enter Dr. Feilstra with Home Vet Care Tulsa. She is wonderful!!! So here’s the scoop.

Before we ever started using Home Vet Care my mother-in-law had been using her services for months. She kept recommending her to us and once I needed something for Armani I called her. It was after hours and on a weekend and she called me back! This was a huge testament to me, but I felt loyal to Dr. Thomas so we continued to see him over the next several months for our needs. It wasn’t until we lost Armani and all speculated he might have had cancer that I decided the stress on the pets needed to be minimized ASAP concerning vet services. It also helped once I discovered she would have done an at home euthanasia for Armani and I could have ended his suffering with home still being at home.

So, the top 3 payoffs for using an at home vet are simply this:

1. Dramatically reduced stress to the pets. Coco and Toothless were able to run and hide in their room immediately after getting their shots and I didn’t have to worry about trying to get their carriers buckled in the car;

2. No loss of services of any kind for using a home vet service, including euthanasia and medications we need; and

3. Because she is a mobile vet her prices are a little better because she doesn’t have to cover building costs like insurance and other things.

BONUS: She has answered texts on the weekend and after hours when I’ve had something I needed answers to. I also can’t sing enough praise to her staff who was here to help with Lilo the day she checked her out. Not only were they at my house ahead of schedule, I sprung on them that Anna and the cats needed shots as well and they were happy to oblige. Also, they replied within minutes to an email I sent asking a question about test results. I will always LOVE a speedy response!

If you’re in the Tulsa area feel free to visit her site to learn more and see her online store where you can purchase medications that she can deliver to you. http://www.homevetcaretulsa.com


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