Spay Suture Reaction

We’ve been super busy these past couple weeks! And about a week after we got Lilo we went on a much needed and deserved week long vacation. We knew before we left that Lilo was having some sort of issue with her spay incision on the inside layer of her tummy.

What I did not know (because I’ve never encountered this before) is that sometimes animals can have a reaction to the sutures if one doesn’t fully dissolve like it should.  Luckily for us, our vet is not only a mobile vet, but very accessible after hours. I texted her a picture of the pink raised bump that had formed and she explained what likely was happening. This was 2 days before we left for vacation.

The day we left for vacation we texted a new picture because it had become a little red on either side. Dr. Feilstra told us it would likely pop like a pimple and this is what needed to happen.

We boarded our dogs at Bouse Fur House and gave them Dr. Feilstra’s information should they need to reach out to her. We also relayed to them exactly what the Dr. had said. Upon returning from vacation we discovered the bump was still there, still pink, and there were no signs of infection (redness surrounding the bump, puss, foul odor, etc.). We took her home and monitored it closely each day until today.

This last photo is the most recent and there was a scab that had formed last week. The scab came off 2 days ago with no sign of any lingering issues. This was definitely a first for me and a bit unnerving because I didn’t want her to have to be operated on if she needed a new suture (or more). However, my mother in law told me this same thing had happened to her older dog which gave me comfort and helped me remain calm as I kept a watchful eye through this past week.


We love our little Lilo and she and Anna continue to have new adventures together almost every day!

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