Puppy Paws and Snuggles

What a goofy, cute, snuggle bug puppy we have! Over the past week since we’ve been home from vacation we’ve learned even more about Lilo’s personality.



  1. She is not a fan of bath time and hates the water JUST like Anna! We have to talk sweet to her and tell her “good girl” and “it’s ok” throughout the process. Thankfully she is still small so the bathing goes by pretty quick.
  2. She sleeps in some of the funniest positions and how she likes her head tilted upwards makes no sense to me, but it’s hilarious!67FDE8BE-5C2A-4A41-9E7E-0C36B642101F
  3. When she is asleep sometimes she snores and other times she dreams with kicks and squeaks. A couple times she has also made noises like she’s nursing which I find to be one of the sweetest, cutest, heartwarming things in the world! I’m trying to get these on video so I can share them at some point.
  4. She gets the hiccups more often than any pet or human I’ve ever known in my ENTIRE life! I’m also trying to get this on video.
  5. She is learning to run faster and faster for when her and Anna play chase out in the backyard. It amazes me how she tumbles and rolls end over end and just keeps going! She actually has a path she will take to dive under our outdoor chairs because she knows Anna can’t fit under them!E7E8D303-9495-4041-99C3-58187D13FD59
  6. She has really started to learn well that the cats are not toys, are not allowed to be chased and that Toothless will snuggle close to her if she remains calm.0063C250-1A02-473E-9865-ECF928104521

Until next time!

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