Introducing Lilo… Our new puppy

This little cutie pie was born in January 2018 and I first met her while I was working. I met her entire litter actually and had told my husband I would love to have another pet. However, I explained to him that it would mean more vet bills and I didn’t want to make an emotional  decision because I was still freshly wounded from losing Armani (see my post written to him for more details). What I decided that day in February was if it was meant to be it would happen somehow. I saw her again in March and that was supposed to be my last visit to that home. I again told my husband how tempted I was, but again said, only if it’s meant to be as I was still on the fence. Much to my disappointment my job extended me in my temp position another two weeks, which meant I had to make all my rounds of visits again for April.

There I stood, in disbelief, with pure excitement and joy bubbling up as I rounded the corner and there she was! Still here and no home? How had someone NOT snatched up this sweet baby? I messaged my husband and we talked it out with the end result being I would bring her home.


A huge factor in our decision was that Anna hadn’t had a playmate in about two years and the cats just aren’t the same for her. I genuinely felt she was aging depressed and seeing her become increasingly lonely broke my heart. Anna also had terrible separation anxiety and would cry anytime we left and couldn’t take her with us. It also helped Lilo had been spayed by this time, her ears/eyes/teeth looked healthy and her sweet disposition just made it seem like fate.

Introducing the two of them went better than we could have imagined and Anna has been beyond impressive with how she interacts with her. Anna lets Lilo jump all over her, is gentle playing back with her, lets Lilo chew on her legs and neck and just soaks it all in.

I got her home initially and we immediately went and got a collar, leash, bed, treats, kennel, etc. Then it was time to bathe her and luckily we only had to pull off a handful of ticks (around 8). Then dinner time. Poor baby girl was so hungry after her long day!

We then had the arduous task of picking out a name. 😳 We went through a Google list of the top 100 female dog names before my husband piped up and said, “What about Lilo? You love Hawaii and Disney, plus she’s both sweet and spunky.” So Lilo it is which has proven to be a perfect fit!

The very next day our mobile vet came to check her out for us and said everything looked good. In the few days we’ve had her she’s proven to be VERY smart with learning sit, stay, turn and sit, no bite, off, leave it, and we’re working on shake. She’s had a trip to Lowes and Petco and we’ve discovered she does NOT like car rides yet as she cries nearly the whole time seeking comfort from her big sister. Lilo has also done surprisingly well on her leash as we took her and Anna for a little over a mile walk today in our neighborhood park. Our biggest hurdle is house breaking and kennel training until she’s house broken. Wish us luck! 💜🐶💜

Until next time, nighty night world!


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