💜Together Tuesday💙

These two crack me up! I’m also cracking up because at this angle Toothless makes Anna look so small and she is a 60 pound hound mix. Toothless is almost 20 pounds and so has a very large frame for a cat, but he still is nowhere near the size of our dog.

Toothless became very acquainted with our dog and the dogs at my parents house while my husband and I lived there saving for our house. So it’s always nice to see that he’s comfortable laying near and around her and doesn’t freak out like Coco does or like Armani did.

I was simply getting ready for work this morning and couldn’t resist taking a couple pictures of them. 💜💙 In the second photo she was only sniffing his foot, but he did turn to look at her to make sure she wasn’t going to do anything else haha! She’s gotten much better over the last couple years about not being too pushy with her nose and invading their space.

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