Interesting Animal of the Week: Red Panda

First, it should be noted the Red Panda is beyond adorable…I mean, I just can’t even with that face!! 😚😚😚 It also happens to be one of my brother’s favorites if not his top favorite animal.

Second, the Tulsa Zoo has one…or two, but we missed getting to see them at our last visit because it was too warm outside. They are a colder climate animal. The same thing happened to my brother and parents apparently. Gripe: why when they spent MILLIONS to add this exhibit did they not add an indoor viewing area? Really guys?

Moving on.

Facts about the Red Panda:

It’s an omnivore so eats plants and animals, but it can be seen chomping on some bamboo on the regular as this makes up most of its diet.

They have what appears to be a thumb or two thumbs in some cases, but this is an extended wrist joint which does aid the furry cuties in grabbing food and other things.

To me they look like more of a raccoon or fox which explains why it’s most popular nickname is the “Fire Fox”.

On average they’re between 7-15 pounds, grow to be about 2 feet long (give or take 5 inches) and their awesome tails are around 2 feet long (give or take).

This video on YouTube is one of my favorites! Up close and personal with great info so enjoy!


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