Adopting versus Buying

I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on this sometimes emotional and controversial topic. Growing up my experience was always that we adopted ours pets from the local SPCA shelter or found them in our neighborhood/town. For others, buying pets from breeder’s was the childhood norm that became their adulthood norm. This post is not to “slam” or try to convert anyone towards adopting. It’s just my 2 cents.

Adoption and Rescue: Going back to an earlier post, I have my love of animals not only from God, but from my parents seeing them rescue countless times in my 33 years on this earth. It’s no surprise I followed in their footsteps. Rescuing a stray or rescuing from a shelter to prevent Euthanasia is just something that has always hit home with my family. We have truly had the pleasure and privilege of knowing, loving, and learning from some of the BEST pets that have been rescues. That’s not to say that pets from breeder’s can’t do the same! To save a life from Euthanasia simply because of a shelter population problem just makes sense. Animals don’t ask to be abused, left behind, put in crowded shelters, and then to be euthanized… so I have always felt as the intelligent species we are, we should step in and do something.

Breeder’s: Yes, we have all heard the stories about “puppy mills”, poor momma dogs who are overbread and never see daylight, etc., but I choose to believe not all breeder’s fit this category. I also believe those that do should be heavily fined and punished to the full extent of the law. My understanding is that for those who choose to purchase, there’s the added benefits or lineage, papers, guarantee’s of pure breeding and so on. There are also those who wish to participate in shows so their pet must be purchased, with papers from a breeder. For others, it’s a possibility their form of rescue is buying from a breeder because they will ensure the pet has a good home and doesn’t have to return to the potential “puppy mill”.

Ask my mom about this topic and she becomes very impassioned about adopting over buying. I see her points all the way around. However, my final point on the matter is simply this: pets from a breeder deserve just as much love and a chance for a good life as pets stuck in a shelter or on the streets. Much like animals in a shelter didn’t ask to end up there… animals from breeder’s didn’t choose their life or circumstances either.

I also stand by that pets enrich our lives, reduce stress, and provide countless opportunites for joy and even longevity! Adopt or buy…save a life and they will save yours!

Visit today! Click Adopt and then Local Shelters to find a shelter near you.


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