Introducing the fur baby… Anna aka Wonder Pup


Our puppy Anna was also a rescue for us. My mom and I found her out behind my grandparent’s house/church in Bristow, OK one day in the summer of 2011. She was in pretty good shape for a stray, but had been eating something out of the dirt so had dirt caked all in her teeth. My mom having a bleeding heart for strays said, “We’re taking her and I’ll need your help to find her a home.” At the time I was only still newly dating my husband, but I asked if he and his roommate would be interested in a dog. They came over to meet her and said yes.

When my husband and I moved in together after we got engaged I told him, “We’re taking the dog. You’re roommate will be too busy to have her”. He agreed.

This dog, while she tests my patience at times is an incredible pet and animal. She can clear a 6-8 foot fence making it look like magic. She half beighs like a beagle when she barks which can be hilarious (she is a hound mix). She is so fast…freaky fast…when she’s allowed to run free. We always say we should have gotten her agility course training because she would be a rockstar at it! She makes playful, but ridiculous sounding growling noises when she plays with other dogs and play bites at their legs.

She is a DADDY’S GIRL through and through and loves to snuggle with him. She is the typical medium to large breed dog who thinks she’s the size of a Yorkie and wants to be in your lap if you’ll let her. She does know some tricks like sit, stay, lay down, and can stand on her back legs for treats. She also knows various commands we’ve taught her over the years and is a GREAT guard dag for our home…the mail man, squirrels and passers by do not go unnoticed by our goofy pup.

Nicknames: Anner Nanner, Anna Banana, Anner Bee, Anna Marie and sometimes just Nanner. Wonder Pup comes from our favorite Halloween costume for her which is Wonder Woman. She wears it well!

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