Introducing: Armani- 1/2004-1/14/2018


This is going to be a tough one and I’m going to write this as if I were saying it to him.

Boo Boo,

You were just 4 months old when the lady from Second Chance in Norman brought you into Petsmart where I was working that day in May 2004. I was always eager to see the new adoptable cats coming in, but something about you caught my eye. I took you out of your cage and put you on my hip like a toddler. You purred and were happy to be held, but little did I know this was only a trick as you would soon show me after I adopted you that you didn’t like to be held at all! You were always a great lap cat and loved to snuggle, but picking you up after that first day was off limits! Stinker! 😜

You were always VERY vocal when it came to meal time or wanting attention. I mean really, no cat has EVER meowed as much as you! You are the only cat I’ve ever had that would give me kisses by pushing your nose into mine. My favorite part I will miss the most is when you would touch my face with your paw and pull my face to yours for a kiss. You had your favorite toys you liked to play with and even as you got old and sick would still play if I gave you toys.

You were a very large cat with humongous ears and longer than normal tail which always got you noticed. You were like Will Rogers in cat form because you never met a person you didn’t like…not even the vet! If there was a human around you saw it as an opportunity for love and or treats as you never ran and hid like the others do.

You grew up having Rascal as your best friend and when he passed in 2008 I could tell you knew he had left us. You were so VERY smart as you would head butt my arm and meow at me loudly as if to say, “Where did you take my friend, you jerk!” However, you quickly came to know and put up with Coco as if she had been there the whole time.

Speaking of your intelligence, you somehow learned what I meant when I would telll you to “come here” or “get down” from somewhere you weren’t supposed to be. I could call for you at any time and here you would come running around the corner with a loving meow as if to say, “Here I am, momma”. I miss you so much it hurts and it will for a while still.

Dr. Thomas told me and maintaiins that you came through your dental procedure just fine. Your vitals were great, you handled the anesthesia well and your recovery time the following day was textbook. I still cannot fathom from that day I would only have 4 days left with you.

The night you passed I thank God my mom came to be with us. I didn’t want your last memories to be in a cold metal/tile vet’s office with strange smells and noises so we stayed at home. I could tell you were hanging on for me and fighting to stay. For that, I am deeply sorry to have prolonged your suffering. I held you under our down filled blanket to keep you warm and gently petted you as the minutes passed. I pray you heard everything I said to you as you took your last breath. I will always love you bubba.

I keep your ashes in a beautiful handmade box on a high shelf in the living room. I figured you would like it there and would have the best view. Days have gone by where I’ve looked for you and could swear I’ve heard you meow at least twice. The brain does funny things sometimes. The finality of death and the gaping hole in my heart stings worse than I can describe. I tried to give you the best life I could and make sure you never had to want for anything. I’m sorry for the mistakes I made and when I didn’t do enough.

I love you Boo.

To those reading that may think this is exaggerated or ridiculous because this involved a cat, please know my words are true. I don’t have children so this love of my pets as my children is the deepest love I have come to know. Maybe one day a child will change that if God sees fit. God gave me an enormous tender spot for animals and since they are God’s creatures I’m not ashamed of that as he gave them to us to care for and enjoy. Thank you for reading.

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