Introducing… Our Fur Babies: Toothless

Our youngest and a rescue as a kitten from Bristow, OK in 2014. He is so smart! He talks back like a child would and is very vocal, chatty, and playful with the sounds and chirps he makes. He is so large! Weighing almost 20 lbs, he’s like a toddler when I pick him up and he has his favorite way he likes for me to hold him.

I named him Toothless after the Disney dragon character because of his green eyes and playful demeanor. What we came to discover is he gets very excited about people food/anything dairy and his black stripe down his back stands on end exactly like the dragon character! And because we get asked all the time: he isn’t actually toothless. 😉

Another interesting fact about him I discovered by accident is he loves playing fetch! Yes, just like a dog. As a kitten, he was a stray so cat toys were foreign to him and he was actually scared of them in the beginning. One night, after he had long been an expert in play, I threw one of his crinkle fish across the room and he brought it back immediately. We kept doing it and it just stuck! Nowadays he loves dunking his favorite crinkle fish and toy ball in the water bowl and wants to play fetch with it soaking wet. Silly cat…

He has more personality than I can put into words. He is more loveable than I can capture in a photo. People who are afraid of cats: they’re not all bad I promise you!

Nicknames: Toofless, Beebee, Kidden, Lovey Buggy, Bug, Mooshy, Mooshy-face, Pudge, Pudgatator, Stinky Face, Stinky Bum, Mauser, Man Mans

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