Introducing Our Fur Babies… Coco Chanel

My sassy girl, star of the blog (in my floral scarf) and DIVA! This one…where do I begin? It all started when I lost my best buddy, child hood and college pet, Rascal who passed at 16 on 8-8-08. Not an easy date to forget…. My mom called later that day and said my aunt had rescued an abandoned new born kitten only hours old. She said, “She needs a home and a new baby would help to heal the hurt so just think about it.” I told her no initially, but after a couple weeks and after seeing this little fur ball I said yes. Plus, I knew it would help my other cat at the time, Armani.

She is a spit-fire and so fiesty. She knows exactly what she wants and what she won’t tolerate. Diva… Like I said. BUT she is my pur machine, my snuggle bug, and the ONLY cat to ever snuggle chest to chest with me under the covers on a regular basis. These moments are one of my happy places I can’t get enough of and she will be 10 this year so I cherish them.

She is also a manx so only has a nub for a tail. I took kitten pictures of her all the time and they are some of the funniest I will likely ever have. As she’s gotten older she doesn’t care much for the camera and often evades me!

We always call her Coco because Coco Chanel is a mouth full. In truth, my mom picked the name. I wanted to name her Versace or something with more flare or attitude. Haha to this day Coco is too sweet of a name for this one, but she’s my baby and we have a strong bond.

Nicknames (brace yourself): coco-nut, coco-bean, beans, beanie weenie, mini muffin, mean muffin, coco-mo, mo mo, mini mo, looney tunes, loo loo, and too many others for me to remember right now…

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